All of the club auction information including when & how it will take place!
Clubs update, new hires & game developments
The growing RKL family & when we can expect RKL:Clubs
With RKL Clubs, the opportunity to build a sports entertainment empire has never been more realistic for a new wave of people who share the vision.
Earlier this week, we dropped an announcement in our discord outlining the changes we’re making to our communication strategy. One of the main tenets…
Bringing you the latest, just before the new year hits! Read below for the latest on the game portion of RKL!
Merch Drop Update and Community Clubs Jerseys
The Metaverse Sports League Combines Competitive 3v3 Basketball Gameplay, Play-to-Earn and NFTs, Received Funding from JDS Crypto, CAA Sports, Framework…
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Rumble Kong League